jason walton


Jason draws things, so you don’t have to. He’s easy to work with and a champ at tight deadlines.

Jason has helped clients from San Francisco, to Sioux Falls, to New York City, to Cardiff, Wales. Among other less-sordid projects, Jason contributed illustrations for’s best selling humor book, Position of the Day: Expert Edition.

Jason is happily married, the 45th best Beer Miler in Oregon history, and the father of a spirited son, who once – when he was two – spitefully filled one of Jason’s running shoes with pee. This wasn’t nearly as fun as the time he shat in one of their chili pot.


“Working with Jason was great. He was very accessible during the process, created exceptional work and was able to meet tight deadlines. I would most certainly hire him again in the future.”

Jamie McLimans,
Advertising Program Coordinator at Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive

“If Jason spent more time on his math worksheets and less time drawing dinosaurs, he might be doing better in math.”

Mrs. Paulson
Jason’s 4th-Grade Teacher

“Anything I could say about Jason’s artwork would be dwarfed by his artwork itself. It’s great! But what his art can’t tell you is that Jason is on time, every time. And it can’t tell you that Jason doesn’t get married to his ideas or controlling about his work; if you have thoughts, he’ll change his work to suit your vision. And on top of it all, it can’t tell you that Jason’s just a nice guy to work with. There are plenty of great artists out there, but very, very few Jasons. I’ve hired him multiple times, and will continue to hire him, whenever I need art.”

Lou Bank,
VP at Dolores Kohl Education Foundation

“Not only does Jason’s work surpass expectation and come in ahead of schedule, he’s a blast to brainstorm with. He’s a dream to work with and a professional in every way.”

Maggie Gardner,
Freelance Designer and former AD of Willamette Week

Jason is great to work with. He grasps concepts easily and is always happy to work with me on making any changes. He works quickly, turns his work in ahead of deadline and is very reliable. I highly recommend Jason.

Carolyn Price
Publisher/Editor, Outdoors NW Magazine


  • illustration
  • cartoons
  • caricature
  • humor
  • instructional illustration
  • maps
  • lettering